Here's a charming little bit from Tulsa World, where The Midnight Club's Heather Langenkamp talks about her role in the show, and her interactions with big fan Mike Flanagan:

“All horror, he loves,” Langenkamp said. “But he professed his love of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ to me, so I had to be there and listen to it for half an hour, like how much he loved ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ and I’m like ‘OK, I get it.’”

It was his fanboy moment?

“He definitely is a fanboy in the most charming, delightful, sweet sense,” Langenkamp said. “I’ve met a lot of fanboys in my career, and what I love is seeing a fanboy find success because that’s what everyone dreams about is loving a certain thing as a child and loving a certain kind of movie and then actually getting to find a career in that.”


“I said, ‘well, go ahead and send the dialogue and let me look at it’,” she said of “The Midnight Club” opportunity. “And when I got it, it was a big part. I mean, the first scene he wanted me to do on tape was like a three-page monologue. I looked at my husband and went, ‘Holy cow, this is the lead in the show.’”

Langenkamp anchors the cast alongside eight “pretty amazing” young actors whose characters are fighting cancer.

“And then there’s me, the doctor, who is kind of seeing them through to the end of their lives and she has a hospice where her philosophy is that when you know you’re dying and you know you have terminal cancer and you only have six months or a year to live, why live in a hospital? Why live hooked up to machines? Why live going to the doctor every day when you could live another way, which is to have more agency with the choices that you make and the people that you see and the kind of life that you lead.” (Source)

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