Brand new interview with Pike over at The Daily Beast, and it's great. Some choice bits:

“I remember [Flanagan] wanted Monster, Whisper of Death, and Remember Me,” says Pike, who declined because he wants to preserve these novels for potential future adaptations. “So I set aside 10 that he could use that were appropriate to the story. Like Witch, Road to Nowhere—you read these books, and it's obvious why they would be part of the Midnight Club, why the kids would be talking about them at midnight, if they were in a hospice and they were suffering a terminal disease.”

[...] “I don’t know if the books would be the same,”says Pike, when I ask him if he feels like there’s a uniquely ’90s generational quality to his books, or if they had been written during another era. “There was something right then about the internet just starting. No one used the phrase ‘social media’… and we didn't have people walking around with cell phones. It was a different time, and I think the books fit the time.”

[...] When I tell him that I read his books around 12 or 13, he asks, thoughtfully and without judgment, if my parents knew (they didn’t). “I began to realize pretty quickly that there were kids out there that were your age or even younger [reading the books], and that kind of scared me,” he admits. “Maybe scared is the wrong word—it inhibits you a little bit, because that's not the audience that's supposed to be reading the book.”

[...] He’s working on three novels, two of which are YA. “I’ve been sort of storing them up,” he says. “One of them’s part of a series. I envision that the series could be anything from three to 10 books.” (Source)

Goes without saying, the whole article is worth a read.

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