It's here! I could post excerpts from a bunch of reviews, but I am lazy. Instead you get the Rotten Tomatoes link and word that The Midnight Club is currently doing 86% on there. Consensus seems to be it's The Breakfast Club with a bit o' horror.

Pike has yet to post anything on his Facebook page, the poor dude's having tech problems again.

Media are reporting that the first episode set a world record for jump scares. Says Variety:

The “Midnight Mass” and “Haunting of Hill House” mastermind [Mike Flanagan] packed 21 separate instances of the classic horror trope into the premiere of his latest Netflix series, “The Midnight Club,” a tally so high it actually breaks the Guinness World Record for “most scripted jump scares in a single television episode.”

A Guinness World Record official presented Flanagan and Co. their certificate for the achievement during the “Midnight Club’s” New York Comic Con panel Thursday night, which included a preview of the premiere episode ahead of the show’s Friday launch. (Source)

Good bit of PR, but I hope the promise of jump scares isn't a misrepresentation of the show as a whole. People might end up disappointed.

Have you seen it? Whatcha think?!

More stuff soon!

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