According to Stine in a 2013 interview with NPR:

One day I was having lunch with an editor, a friend of mine, and she had had a big fight with somebody writing teenage horror. Who will remain nameless. Christopher Pike. And she said, "I'm not working with him again. I'll bet you could write good horror. Go home and write a novel for teenagers. Call it Blind Date." She even gave me the title. It's embarrassing! It wasn't my idea. (Source)

Weird thing, though. Blind Date came out in 1986, and Pike's debut came out in 1985. I suspect Stine was being cheeky here; still thought it was worth a post.

You can listen to the interview behind the cut:

It should be noted that Pike and Stine seem friendly on Twitter, and they've each had nice things to say about the other over the years.

Hat tip to this little piece at The Justice Online about the new Fear Street films.

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