Pike hit Facebook today with an update on all sorts of stuff, even hinted at a new previously unmentioned YA series he's working on:

PIKE HERE: Everybody has been writing at my email address, asking about The Midnight Club and Season Of Passage. Many things that I would like to talk about, Mike Flanagan and company have asked me to keep secret. For example, they don't want the public to know what books of mine, what stories, the kids tell at midnight, are used in the series. Now Mike has already correctly stated that we are using some of the other books, but not every story is from a book. Now Season Of Passage is of course from my novel, The Season Of Passage. Mike and his brother, James, are just starting to work on it -- as far as I know from our last talk. I will be calling him in the next few days. He is hoping that Sarah McLachlan's song Possession can be used in the movie. Apparently he was listening to that song a lot when he was reading the book and the music and lyrics got drilled in his brain. Me, I love Sarah and I absolutely love that song, although I'm sure you guys will suggest another thousand songs that we might be able to use. The bottom line is I think the movie is going to be dynamite, very emotional and very scary. There are another three major projects in the works but they, too, have to be kept private for now -- although I can assure you that one of them is going to blow your socks off. So a ton of stuff is going on in Hollywood. And on the writing front, I have finished Thirst 6 but I still hesitate to bring it out until I finish Thirst 7 -- in case I change certain story items. The main reason for the delay is I have been working on a major YA series -- one I have not posted any chapters of, but one which an editor at S&S has read parts of. Suffice to say she more than likes it and hopefully they will publish it when the times comes. But that is far down the line because this is a HUGE series, probably the culmination of all my YA novels.
But please, go ahead and ask what you wish. Now! Christopher Pike (Source)


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