Vultures! Cross country! A poor imitation of journalism! This was one of my earliest Pike reads. Before this I had only read Slumber Party, Weekend and Chain Letter.

What'd Cooper and co. think? Check it out:

The PikeCast assume correctly that Pike ran cross country in school: He did:

I think Monster came from all those damn football players and cheerleaders I knew in high school. Ha! Actually, I ran cross country and track and the cheerleaders never came to our meets. They only went to the football and basketball games. It’s no wonder I made them into monsters. (Source)

SPELLBOUND: This was the first book I wrote on a computer, the first book I typed. I was stunned when I was able to write it in six weeks, after Last Act had taken months. The magic of word processors -- I was able to rewrite my paragraphs as I wrote them so when I finished the first draft I was basically done with the book. S&S bought it the same time as Last Act. It was just re-released and I just reread it, something I never do with my books. I was proud that young version of me wrote it. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. (Source)

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