The Pike Cast took on Bury Me Deep a few weeks back, the sun-soaked scuba-diving Hawaii ghost story. Fun fact: Wes Craven's company optioned this one back in the day. Obviously nothing happened there.

What did the Cast gang think? Give it a listen:

Pike himself had this to say about the novel:

BURY ME DEEP: Atilla The Hun was supposed to have said, “Bury me deep,” when he was struck down. I thought it was a cool title for a ghost story. I think it’s obvious from reading the book that I have scuba dived off Maui. I love Maui, I love all the Hawaiian islands, and I wanted to see if it was possible to tell a ghost story in a sunny modern hotel rather than in a dark and stormy castle. Bury Me Deep was another big seller. It got on the New York Times list. But I was never happy with the book. Once again, I felt the ending was weak. To me the book had no mood, no deeper power. It’s a quick read, sure, but I don’t think it touched anyone. (Source)

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