Every now and then, Pike pops up on Facebook with a little progress report. The last time we heard from him was October, when he gave fans the lowdown on The Midnight Club's progress and various other tidbits. Highlights below, more at the link!

[...] along with a group of very talented writers, he’s been creating the 10 scripts for the first 10 episodes. He’s still refining them but I’ve read half and they are excellent – so much better than I could have hoped for. I don’t want to give away what stories of mine he draws upon to weave inside The Midnight Club but I guess it will be okay to say that DANA AND THE DEVIL is the first one, and it’s hilarious, while also being very dark. You see, The Midnight Club series is a much more expanded version of my book. And yet the story still maintains the intimacy and warmth and pain of the original novel.

[...] Mike and Trevor have talked about making THE SEASON OF PASSAGE. So far we have not signed a deal but at this moment it looks like it will happen. And there are two other projects that I might be able to talk about soon – that also will probably happen. But I hesitate to say anymore because Hollywood is so damn unpredictable.

[...] I know everyone is still waiting for Thirst 6. As I’ve said before, I’ve written a draft of the novel. The book is very exciting, deeply moving, if I may be so bold; it is by far the best Sita book I’ve written. It doesn’t complete Sita’s story – there will have to be a Thirst 7. However, there will NOT be a Thirst 8.

[...] I’m working on another story, a very large and complex tale that’ll take several books to tell. I’ve never spoken about this story before, to anyone, but it’s been in the works for a long time. That’s all I want to say about it for the time being. (Source)

Exciting! Take any Hollywood news with a pinch of salt, though; more projects fall through than reach our screens.


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