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They did it for kicks.

Five young thrill-seekers in a stolen spaceship on a joy-ride to the stars.

But one of them had a more dangerous plan–to blast beyond the Tachyon Web, the iron boundary that barred mankind from the worlds beyond.

There they found danger, excitement, and heart-stopping adventure. And, on a strange alien world, one of them would also find love.

Dedication: To Lisa..

First Published: 1986, Bantam Spectra

Cover Artist: Unknown (Scholastic), Paul Davies? (Hodder)

Trivia: Published in 1986, the year after Slumber Party, the same year as Weekend

Not published in the UK until 1994, long after Pike became an established YA juggernaut.

This is a straight-up scifi novel, not a suspense/thriller.

First published by Bantam Spectra, the science fiction arm of Bantam, owned by Random House.

Pike Speaks: "I wrote The Tachyon Web because Bantam approached me and asked if I would create a YA sci-fi book. It was at the beginning of my career and I needed the money and the exposure." (Source)


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