According to Variety, Mike Flanagan promises answers to the show's dangling questions, even if the show isn't renewed. At a recent media conference Flanagan, along with his producing partner Trevor Macy, also had unsurprisingly good things to say about our guy:

While Netflix has not yet renewed “Midnight Club” for a second season, Flanagan has a plan for multiple seasons of the series, which follows the teens as they live out the end of their short lives at the hospice and share scary stories to help them cope with the inevitable, all while supernatural forces loom around them.

“He agreed to let me take a shot with the show and the pitch was, we’ll do ‘The Midnight Club’ — but the stories the kids tell will be other Christopher Pike books, and he really liked that idea,” Flanagan told a group of reporters at a “Midnight Club” press conference last week. “And Netflix ended up optioning a pile of Christopher Pike’s stuff — 28 books.”

[...] “But the other thing, though — and this is something I learned from Pike — was that he always included themes in his books that felt very adult,” Flanagan continued. “He didn’t pull his punches with violence, with heavy things that kids are really thinking about: intense bullying, suicide, sex, drugs — all of that was fair game in the Pike world. And one of the things that my contemporaries and I loved about the books was that he wasn’t sugarcoating things. So while there was always a sense of bearing that younger audience in mind, we were also very careful not to condescend to them or to try to police the places the show would go. And that was something that separated Pike from his contemporaries.”

“And it still does, by the way,” Flanagan’s Intrepid Pictures producing partner, Trevor Macy, added. “I think he treats his protagonists with more respect than a lot of YA authors do today. We tried to keep that ethos top of mind for the series, because the show lends itself to that, because they’re going through the worst thing anybody is ever going to go through. If you don’t treat them with respect, what are you doing?”

[...] On plans for a second season:

Flanagan: This was designed to be ongoing. I don’t know if it will. We’ll see how it goes and we probably won’t know for another month or so what Netflix wants to do. But it was very much designed to continue. Pike has 80 books, so we have a lot of unused material to pull from… We also didn’t answer some of the bigger questions of the season. Those answers exist, but were meant to be for the next season. If there isn’t one, I’ll put them up on Twitter. Then we’ll at least all be able to talk about it. (Source)

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