Sad news day, people: The Midnight Club has been given the chop. Via Variety:

Netflix’s “The Midnight Club” has been canceled after one season, Variety has learned.

The cancellation comes on the heels of executive producers Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macy exiting their overall deal at Netflix for a new pact with Amazon Studios.

[...] The series marked not just Flanagan and Macy’s first foray into young-adult content, but also their first show that was intended to be a multi-season project. However, Flanagan had already mentally prepared for the idea it might not be renewed, and told press ahead of its premiere he would share his Season 2 plans if “Midnight Club” was scrapped. (Source)

Sucks for us, and for Pike. But remember: Flanagan still intends to bring Season of Passage to the big screen.

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